Our Story


Dynamic Change for Dynamic Manipur


Inspire and Empower the Youth, Create a Prosperous

Main Aims and Objectives:

The main aims and objectives of the society are to promote and nurture the concept of dynamic change by inspiring the youths of Manipur toward uplifting Manipur State as a whole.

The Concept:

'Age of Change' has arrived. In the age of innovative transformation intensification, it is, therefore, readily apparent that the fate of Manipur as a state of India and its people will be determined not only by the pace of change but also by an ability and willingness to embrace new ideas and practices. Dynamic Manipur society's objectives and long-term vision must be clearly defined to bring about change in a positive direction and uplift our society and such dynamic changes are the norms to be passed from generation to generation.

The ideology of the Founders of the Society:

We are bonded and made to known each other by the force, that is, "Similar ideology and vision, be it virtual or physical world". Friendship among diverse people in the virtual and physical world is also mainly due to the strong force of similar ideology and vision. And with this ideology, the founders of the society look forward to welcoming more people willing to share something for uplifting our Manipur society and adapting to the dynamic changes needed for advancing the society.

Sustainability of the Society:

Responsibility of the Society will be handover to those younger generations who are having the same ideology and vision, and satisfaction of the pioneer of this society and maintain the status-quo on the same line from generation to generation adapting the dynamic changes needed for uplifting our society from time to time.
Dynamic Manipur is registered as a society on April 1, 2014 with several founding members. Let's bring together a Dynamic change in our Society towards a Brighter Manipur tomorrow.