What We Do

a) To instill positive moral values and intelligence to the children of Manipur through education, consultation, seminars and effective interaction with the Society resulting in highly motivated and inspired generation
b) To empower the youth of Manipur by offering them opportunities to build professional capabilities through mentoring/ internship/ volunteer experiences, and participation in the overall development of Manipur.
c) To create a highly engaged network of Manipuri youths and inspire them to pursue higher studies, improve language skills, undertake challenging responsibilities, build leadership capabilities, promote indigenous local products with the help of Dynamic Manipur Consultancy and Education Guidance Cell.
d) To equip the younger generation with the right tools for bringing dynamic changes among the people of Manipur by offering them on-line and on-site interactive learning programs.

a) To make people to perceive Manipur as ‘Dynamic Manipur’ through awareness programs using social networks, online videos, websites, press releases.
b) To create “Dynamic Manipur” brand image through society logo,printed products, accessories and “Dynamic Manipur Welcome Kit”.
c) To impart the perception of “Dynamic Manipur” by creating awareness on the socio-economic values of diverse people, indigenous products, biodiversity, ecotourism, entertainment industry, traditional music, arts and cultures of Manipur.
d) To generate awareness amongst the youths and general public about the key socio-economic-political-religious issues of Manipur by conducting Think-Tank seminar or panel discussion with the resourceful intellectuals.

a) To conduct in-depth research to explore, conserve, utilize and promote indigenous products/resources and innovations of Manipur.
b) To interact with specific individuals/organization/Government officials to learn more about indigenous products of Manipur so as to protect them either by Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)/patents or Geographical Indication (GI) rights.
c) To research and develop practices consistent with child education, youth development and empowerment and social transformation toward a socio-economic sustainable future.

a) To engage youths for development of talent & skill, team spirit, communication skills & personality, sports & cultural awareness through various kinds of youth festivals, camps, mentoring and interaction programs.
b) To act as an agency for overall promotion of youth development and empowerment through various means available such as website, E-paper, catalog, blog, print & electronic media, outdoor through funding from society fund as well as from state as well as Central Government.
c) To impart and identify students with leadership skills who can train and educate people on specific topics at various communities/regions in Manipur

a) To collaborate with individuals/organizations/institutions with interests in implementing similar developmental initiatives in Manipur.

a) To set up village/town chapters of the society for specific value-added purposes at specific places as decided by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the society
b) To undertake all such other lawful acts and deeds as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all the above subjects.